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The 6 steps to remote courier repair service

Step 1: Get an indicative estimate

Simple call us on +61 2 4272 6014 or contact us via our online enquiry form to let us know what you need repaired or serviced. We will review the information you tell us and give you an early estimate so that you can decide if you'd like to go ahead with the work.

Note: Sometimes it may not be possible to provide an early estimate as we cannot see inside your device/cluster, etc. In these cases we will require dismantling the item to view inside it to provide you with pricing.

Step 2: Organise a Courier

If you're a small business organising a courier can be easy for you. Simply package up your item (we recommend bubble wrap and an adequately sized box that is safe and secure) and give this to your courier for delivery to us.

If organising a courier is too difficult you can also organise postage via Australia Post Express delivery service. This will have your package with us on the next business day and include a tracking code so that you can be sure your package is safely on it's way.

Please note: We will return your item in it's original packaging so please ensure that it is adequately protected. If we believe that your item may break in return transit we will let you know and include postage and handling charges in our firm quote (Step 3).

Step 3: Firm Quote

We will look at your item in detail and work out if and how repairs can be made to bring it back to life. We will then contact you and provide you with a quote and estimation on when the work will be complete -  you can choose to go ahead with this or we can return your item if you wish.

Step 4: Works Carried out

We will carry out the works on your item that you have agreed to and provide you with updates as we progress.

Step 5: Payment

When works are completed we will email you an invoice along with any other relevant information for processing payment. Payment can be made via Direct Bank transfer (this may take up to 2 business days to clear) or via business cheque. See our Payment Options page for more information on accepted payment types.

Step 6: Return Shipping

If you have used a courier to deliver your item to us, you can schedule the pick-up of your item via the same courier on your account. If you have used Australia Post (or similar) we will include postage and handling on your invoice via the same service.

Warranty information for Remote Courier Repair Service

Please be aware that both parts and labour are covered under a 12 month warranty (unless otherwise stated on your invoice). However postage and handling for return items is not included within our warranty service and this will require shipment at your expense.

Shipping Insurance

We recommend that all items shipped are covered by shipping insurance with your courier. Note that Australia Post does not provide shipping insurance.